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Open Summer of code is a 3 week programme in different Belgian cities during the summer of 2015. The goal: provide Belgian based students the training, network and support necessary to transform open innovation projects into powerful real-world services.

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Each week, #oSoc15 moves to a new location.

Map of Belgium Namur Ghent Hasselt

6 July — 10 July


13 — 17 July


20 — 24 July


27 — 31 July



We offer Belgian students the chance to learn and work in a professional work environment, so that they can grow as a young professional.
These are the profiles we need:

Front-end developer

HTML, CSS, JS, ...

Front-end developer

Back-end developer

PHP, JS, Java, ...

Back-end developer

Graphic designer

Photoshop, Illustrator, ...

Graphic designer

User experience designer

UX, Interaction Design, ...

User experience designer

Communication/marketing manager

Social Media, Communication Strategy, ...

Communication/marketing manager

Business developer

Business Modeling, Strategy, ...

Business developer

Event Partners

Project Partners


Can I participate in oSoc15?

Yes, if you meet the following requirements. First of all, you’re a Belgian student eligible to work under a student contract for 15 full days. Second, you study or have experience in front- or back-end developing, design (UX, graphic), communication or business modelling. Third, you should be able to express yourself in English. Do you meet these requirements? Congratulations, you could be an oSoc15-student!

When will oSoc15 take place, and how long does it last?

Every year, oSoc15 lasts three weeks. You have to participate in all three weeks. But you’re free in the weekends, hurray! For 2015, the first week will take place from 6 to 10 July, the second week from 13 to 17 July and the final week from 27 July until 31 July.
This means we’re taking a break in the week of 20 July so that we can go out in full force during the last week.

What will I be doing during oSoc15?

All students will work in teams on different open innovation projects provided by partnering organisations, companies and governments. The goal is to complete these projects by the end of the programme and turn them into real-world products and services. In the end your team will present the finished product to the partnering organisation and to the world.

Where will oSoc15 take place, and how do I get there?

At oSoc15, we’ll be moving each week to a new location. This year's locations are Namur, Ghent and Hasselt, respectively for the 3 weeks of oSoc15.
We do not provide accommodation at those locations. This means we travel back and forth to our locations every day. We do however provide train tickets, so you can easily travel to the various locations. Our locations are near the station or in the city centre so getting there isn’t much of a hassle.

Why should I participate in oSoc15?

This programme has a lot of advantages. First of all, you can improve your skills under the supervision of some talented coaches. Second, since you’ll be making an actual product, it looks great on your resume and you’ll expand your network. Third, you’ll surely make some new friends too.
Sounds awesome, no? And we didn’t even get to the best part yet: oSoc15 is completely free. Even better, you are getting paid! This programme could replace your summer job. Enhancing your skills, making new friends and cashing in some money too? Sounds like a dream, right?

How do I apply for oSoc15? When will I know whether I can participate?

Sorry, applications are closed as of now. Thank you for your massive interest!
Early June, we go over all the applications. After that, we’ll let you know whether you’re in or not.